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Aspect Training - One To One IT Training Courses

Aspect Training's one to one IT training courses are highly personalised, flexible and individual programmes aimed at getting the results you need to progress personally and in your career.

Effective training needs to be individualised and catered to your needs. And if, in addition, you are looking for a more personal face to face approach, choose to take One-2-One training. You will not only receive the undivided attention of the tutor, but One-2-One training also allows you to tailor the training to your specific requirements, maximising your time with us.

You may particularly like this option if you have already used an application before and your knowledge of it is spread across several levels (for instance, you have advance knowledge of certain applications, but quite basic of others). As such, you can personally select the topics, thus filling all those knowledge gaps you may have!

You can choose specific elements of a course from different levels and/or different courses! So You determine both the content and the pace at which to cover it!

Our specialised team can advise you to ensure that the selected topics and the required levels of competence can be delivered within the allocated time.

The daily rate is naturally higher on a One-2-One course, but with one to one tuition you will get more out of the course, possibly in a shorter time-scale that is more convenient to you.

For all our One-2-One training you can choose from being trained at our New Malden Training Centre, your place of business or at your home, thus having the advantage of learning in your own working environment. Lunch will be provided Free of Charge if you choose to take the training at our New Malden Training Centre.

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