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ADO.NET For C# Developers

Duration: 3 Days


Aspect Training’s ADO.NET for C# Developers provides a thorough, detailed and structured walkthrough of ADO.NET concepts

Aspect Training’s ADO.NET for C# Developers is useful for .NET developers or architects developing database applications.


Experience with developing C#.NET applications

Course Topics:

Introducing ADO.NET

What Is ADO.NET?
Major Components of ADO.NET
Extensions to ADO.NET
Connecting to External Data

Building Tables of Data

Implementing Tables
Adding Data Columns
Dataset Designer

Storing Data in Memory

Adding Data
Examining and Changing Data
Removing Data
Batch Processing
Validating Changes

Accessing the Right Data Values

Querying and Sorting Data
Using Expression Columns

Bringing Related Data Together

Collecting Tables into Sets
Establishing Relationships Between Tables
Defining Table Constraints

Turning Data into Information

Aggregating Data
Setting Up Indexed Views

Saving and Restoring Data

Serializing DataSet and DataTable Objects
Guiding XML Generation

Establishing External Connections

Using Connection Strings
Understanding Data Providers
Connecting to SQL Server via a Data Provider

Querying Databases

Processing SQL Queries
Returning Query Results

Adding Standards to Queries

Developing Parameterized Queries
Using Parameters in Stored Procedures

Making External Data Available Locally

Understanding Data Adapters
Moving Data from Source to Memory
Moving Data from Memory to Source
Table and Column Mapping

Guaranteeing Data Integrity

Transactions and Concurrency
Using Local Transactions
Using Distributed Transactions

Binding Data with ADO.NET

Binding Data in Windows Forms
Binding Data in WPF
Binding Data in ASP.NET

Providing RESTful Services with WCF Data Services

Getting to Know the Service Layers
Setting Up a Data Service
Accessing a Data Service using REST

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