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AutoCAD 2D Introduction / Intermediate

Duration: 2 Days


Aspect Training’s AutoCAD 2D Introduction/Intermediate training course is the perfect introduction to the world′s leading CAD software. It provides concise explanations and practical hands on exercises that clearly show you how to plan and develop a customized AutoCAD project. During this course you′ll master AutoCAD features, get a thorough grounding in the essentials, and see quick results.
Starting with your very first line, you will create and edit a full 2D drawing using many of the 2D drawing commands of AutoCAD. You will create and use blocks, layers and AutoCAD libraries. Finally you will create plot layouts of your finished drawing.


No previous experience of AutoCAD is required for this course. Some technical drawing experience would be helpful but is not essential.

Course Topics:

Getting to Know AutoCAD.

Exploring the AutoCAD User Interface
Introducing the AutoCAD Graphics Window
Working in the Command Window
Using the Ribbon
Using the Menu Browser

Learning Basic Commands to Get Started.

Using the Line Command
Using Coordinates
Using the Direct Distance Method
Erasing Lines
Using Direct Input
Using The Offset Command
Using the Fillet Command
Extending Lines
Trimming Lines

Setting Up a Drawing.

Setting Up the Drawing Units
Setting Up the Drawing Size
The Grid
Setting Up Drawing Limits
Drawing with Grid and Snap
Saving Your Work
A Summary of AutoCAD’s Units

More 2D Drawing and editing Commands

Drawing Rectangles
Drawing Arcs
Drawing Circles
Create a Polyline
Edit a Polyline
Copying Objects
Mirroring Objects

Using Layers to Organize Your Drawing.

Setting Up Layers
Assigning Linetypes to Layers
Assigning Objects to Layers
Turning Off and Freezing Layers
Setting a Linetype Scale Factor
Setting Properties of Layers and Objects
Selecting Colours for Layers and Objects
Using the Action Recorder
Creating Layer States

Combining Objects into Blocks.

Making a Block
Inserting the Block
Finding Blocks in a Drawing
Detecting a Block
Using the Properties Palette to Examine a Block
Revising a Block
Sharing Information Between Drawings

Controlling Text in a Drawing.

Determining Text and Drawing Scale
Defining a Text Style
Using SingleLine Text
Using Multiline Text
Using the Spell Check Feature

Using Layouts to Set Up a Print.

Setting Up Layouts
Setting the Layout Parameters
Creating a Paper Space Viewport
Setting the Viewport Scale
Adjusting a Viewport’s Contents
Setting the Linetype Scale
Locking and Turning Viewports Off

Printing an AutoCAD Drawing.

Using the Plot Dialog Box
Printing a Drawing
Determining Lineweights for a Drawing
Previewing a Print
Printing a Drawing
Publishing Multiple Layouts
Plot Styles

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