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Developing Window's Applications with VB.NET

Duration: 4 Days


Aspect Training’s Developing Window's Applications with VB.NET course is intended for the intermediate programmer who is responsible for designing and building Windows-based applications with the .NET Framework. It is designed for developers who already have some VB.NET development skills.


Experience with a .NET language such as Visual VB.NET or Microsoft Visual C#
Experience developing basic applications with MFC and/or Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0

Course Topics:

Introducing Windows Forms

Creating a Form
Adding Controls to a Form
Creating an Inherited Form
Organizing Controls on a Form
Creating MDI Applications

Working with Controls

Creating an Event Handler for a Control
Using Windows Forms Controls
Using Dialog Boxes in a Windows Forms Application
Adding Controls at Run Time
Creating Menus
Validating User Input

Building Controls

Extending and Creating Controls
Adding Design-Time Support for Controls
Licensing a Control

Using Data in Windows Forms Applications

Adding ADO.NET Objects to and Configuring ADO.NET Objects in a Windows Forms Application
Accessing and Modifying Data by Using DataSets
Binding Data to Controls
Overview of XML Web Services
Creating a Simple XML Web Services Client
Persisting Data

Interoperating with Managed Objects

Using .NET and COM Components in a Windows Forms Application
Calling Win32 APIs from Windows Forms Applications

Printing and Reporting in Windows Forms Applications

Printing From a Windows Forms Application
Using the Print Preview, Page Setup, and Print Dialogs
Constructing Print Document Content by Using GDI+
Creating Reports by Using Crystal Reports

Asynchronous Programming

The .NET Asynchronous Programming Model
The Asynchronous Programming Model Design Pattern
How to Make Asynchronous Calls to Any Method
Helping Protect State and Data in a Multithreaded Environment

Enhancing the Usability of Applications

Adding Accessibility Features
Adding Help to an Application
Localizing an Application

Deploying Windows Forms Applications

.NET Assemblies
Deploying Windows Forms Applications

Securing Windows Forms Applications

Security in the .NET Framework
Using Code Access Security
Using Role-Based Security

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