HTML Introduction

Duration: 2 days


Whether you use a high-end authoring application like Dreamweaver, or, in the most economical fashion, you write your own code out in a text file, knowing your way around HTML comes in handy. Aspect Training’s HTML Introduction course will teach you what you need to know quickly.

This course covers the latest specifications of HTML 4 set by the World Wide Web Consortium, from the most basic tags that place text, images and links on the page to more complex ones that set up tables, frames or forms.

As with all Aspect Training courses, this course features clear and concise instructions side-by-side with hands on exercises that show both the source code and the resulting effect on the Web page.


No prerequisites are required for this course, which makes it ideal for beginners to HTML as well as for intermediate users who are already familiar with basic HTML but need help with specific topics.

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