SPSS Introduction / Intermediate

Duration: 2 days


Get up to speed in SPSS quickly and easily on Aspect Training’s Introduction/Intermediate two-day course. Learn how to import data into SPSS and set it up ready for further analysis. You will perform basic statistical analyses, data checking and create simple tables and charts. This course will focus on getting you comfortable with using SPSS for Windows and ready to explore further data analysis possibilities.

Aspect Training’s comprehensive 2-days course logically guides’ attendees through the fundamentals of using SPSS for Windows. The course is structured so as to provide effective training in all the 4 stages of a typical data analysis process – data definition and input, data modification, data analysis and data presentation. Attendees will learn to efficiently utilize the power and flexibility of SPSS for Windows so as to get the most from their data. Through a series of “hands-on” sessions, they will gain that vital experience that will transform them from SPSS novices to productive data analysts.


This two-day course is aimed at new users of SPSS.

Delegates should have experience with running software in a Windows environment

No prior SPSS knowledge is required.

Knowledge of statistical analysis is required to gain full use of the software following the course.

(Please note that this course does not teach statistical analysis; it teaches SPSS software)

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