Microsoft Excel Introduction/Intermediate

Duration: 2 days


Over the years, the king of all spreadsheet programs has grown from a fairly simple calculator into an application with the ability to perform highly complex operations. The problem for most is figuring out where to start and how each of the functions can be used.

Books are great reference tools if you already know what you're looking for, but Aspect Training’s Excel training courses are where you'll really grasp the full potential of Excel quickly. With Aspect Training’s Microsoft Excel Introduction / Intermediate, you can acquire a working knowledge with just two days of Excel training.

Of course it takes more than two days of Excel training to get a complete understanding of this powerful program. This course will give you the platform on which to build your skills and lead to greater efficiency and productivity with Microsoft Excel

Many of today's managers require that new employees have some level of Excel training. If you're in the job market, Excel training is a C.V. line item you'll want to obtain. Courses are fast, inexpensive and can drastically increase your opportunities. The job market is fiercer today than ever and earning the position you desire means taking a proactive approach to skill building.


Delegates should have a familiarity with Microsoft Windows

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