ADO.NET For .NET Developers

Duration: 3 days


Aspect Training's ADO.NET training course teaches the essential elements of ADO.NET to enable a developer to build effective database applications.

Following an overview of ADO.NET and its relation to previous Microsoft data access technologies, including ADO, the ADO.NET architecture, main interfaces and classes, and programming with both the connected and disconnected models are discussed.

The course covers in detail the core ADO.NET classes including Connection and Command objects, which are essential in both connected and disconnected database access scenarios, and DataReaders, which provide a fast, forward-only reading capability.

The course focus then moves to the DataSet and its related classes, such as DataAdapter, DataTable, DataRow, DataColumn, DataRelation, TableMappings and ColumnMappings.


Students should have a basic knowledge of SQL and of programming the .NET Framework using a .NET language. The student should also understand the fundamentals of XML.

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