PowerPoint VBA Introduction

Duration: 3 days


Get more done in less time by automating Office tasks. Even if you′re not a programmer, you can quickly learn to write macros, automate tasks, and create custom applications for Microsoft PowerPoint with Aspect Training’s Microsoft PowerPoint VBA Course.

You′ll jump right into the basics of recording and running macros with Office′s built–in Macro Recorder, before quickly moving to the essentials of VBA syntax, using loops and functions, building effective code, and programming applications PowerPoint

Coverage includes:

Understanding the essentials of VBA syntax

Using the Macro Recorder

Creating code from scratch with the Visual Basic Editor

Finding the objects, methods, and properties you need

Using loops to repeat actions in your code and adding If statements for flexibility

Adding more choices with message, input, and dynamic dialog boxes

Building, debugging, and securing your code

Automating Presentations and Shapes

Using PowerPoint events.


Delegates should have an advanced knowledge of PowerPoint. No programming experience is necessary but would be useful.

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