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Microsoft Excel Financial Modelling

Duration: 2 Days


This 2-day course is directed at experienced Excel users who want to take their spreadsheets to a new level. You will learn how to create robust and professional models utilizing Excel functionality that most Excel users do not know how to use.

It builds the foundation for building strong financial models. It will cover practical application of excel's features used to solve real world cases where people work with finance. People who would benefit from this course include:

  • People who work with financial data
  • Accountants who wish to learn to use Excel more effectively
  • Managers who want to be able to analyse financial data
  • Analysts
  • Investors


You need to have Intermediate Excel Skills.

Course Topics:

What is Financial Modelling

Basic Financial Statements

Income Statement
Balance Sheet
Cash Flow Statement

Importing Data

Converting Files from Other Applications
Copying Data from another Application
Importing Data from External Sources

Using Microsoft Query

Adding a Data Source
Creating a Query

Named Ranges

Navigating Workbooks using cells or Range names
Creating named Ranges based on Cell values
Using named Cells and ranges in Formulas
Dynamic named ranges

Database and List Management

Using the Excel database features
Working with an Excel database
Assigning a database list
Creating an assigned list
Adding summary formulas to an assigned list
Sorting a Database
Adding other sort criteria

Using AutoFilters

Filtering data
Filtering data with AutoFilter
Specifying a conditional filter

Functions in Excel

Entering Function Arguments
Using the Formula Auditing Toolbar
Using the Watch Window

Decision Making

Logical Functions
Lookup Functions
SumIf and CountIf
Text functions
Dynamic Labelling
Using Find

Date and Time functions

Extracting elements of dates
Getting today's date and/or time
Functions to count the number of whole working days between dates, excluding holidays
Functions to state the first working day of a month

Using Styles

Creating a new style
Applying a style
Changing the formatting of a style
Removing a style from cells


Using conditional formatting
Changing and deleting Conditional Formatting
Finding cells with Conditional Formatting
Copying and applying cell formatting with the Format Painter
Copying and applying column width or row height with the Format Painter
copying and applying the Format Painter in multiple locations
Using Text() to add an ID

More on Lookup Functions

Index and Match
VookupL and HLookup

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