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HTML Introduction

Duration: 2 Days


Whether you use a high-end authoring application like Dreamweaver, or, in the most economical fashion, you write your own code out in a text file, knowing your way around HTML comes in handy. Aspect Training’s HTML Introduction course will teach you what you need to know quickly.
This course covers the latest specifications of HTML 4 set by the World Wide Web Consortium, from the most basic tags that place text, images and links on the page to more complex ones that set up tables, frames or forms.
As with all Aspect Training courses, this course features clear and concise instructions side-by-side with hands on exercises that show both the source code and the resulting effect on the Web page.


No prerequisites are required for this course, which makes it ideal for beginners to HTML as well as for intermediate users who are already familiar with basic HTML but need help with specific topics.

Course Topics:

HTML Building Blocks.

HTML Tags.
Nesting Tags.
Special Symbols.

Starting Your Web Page.

Designing Your Site.
Creating a New Web Page.
Creating a Title.
Starting a New Paragraph.
Saving Your Web Page.
Viewing Your Page in a Browser.

Text Formatting.

About Deprecated Tags.
Changing the Font.
Making Text Bold or Italic.
Choosing a Default Size for Text.
Changing the Text Size.
Hiding Text (Adding Comments).

Creating Web Images.

Getting Images.
Making Images Smaller.
Using (Mostly) Browser Safe Colors.
Creating Low Resolution Images.
Graphic File Types.

Using Images.

Inserting Images on a Page.
Offering Alternate Text.
Specifying Size for Speedier Viewing.
Wrapping Text around Images.
Stopping Text Wrap.
Adding Space around an Image.
Adding Horizontal Rules.

Page Layout.

Using Background Colour.
Using Background Images.
Centring Elements on a Page.
Specifying the Margins.
Creating a Line Break.
Creating Indents.
Creating Columns.
Positioning Elements with Layers.


Creating a Link to Another Web Page.
Creating Anchors.
Linking to a Specific Anchor.
Targeting Links to Specific Windows.
Creating Other Kinds of Links.
Dividing an Image into Clickable Regions.
Changing the Colour of Links.


Creating Ordered Lists.
Creating Unordered Lists.
Creating Definition Lists.
Creating Nested Lists.


Creating a Simple Table.
Adding a Border.
Setting the Width.
Centring a Table on the Page.
Spanning a Cell across Columns.
Spanning a Cell across Rows.
Aligning a Cell's Contents.
Nesting One Table in Another.
Speeding up Table Display.


Helper Applications and Plugins.
NonSupported Images.
Creating a Marquee.
Inserting Applets.

An Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets.

The Advantages of Using Style Sheets.
The Downside of Style Sheets.
The Anatomy of a Style.

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