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Java Introduction / Intermediate

Duration: 5 Days


Java's unique architecture enables programmers to develop a single application that can run across multiple platforms seamlessly and reliably. In this hands-on course, you gain extensive experience with Java and its object-oriented features. You learn to create robust console and GUI applications and store and retrieve data from relational databases.


This course is aimed at anyone who needs to learn how to develop in Java. Some experience with another programming language would be an advantage

Course Topics:

Introduction to Java Programming

Standalone applications and servlets
Compiling source code into bytecode
Overview of class libraries

The object paradigm

Encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism
OO analysis and design: "Is a" and "Has a"
Designing an OO application step by step
Diagramming object structure with Unified Modeling Language (UML)

Java's object-oriented features

Instantiating objects from classes
Aggregation and decomposition
Extending existing classes
Overloading and overriding methods

Language syntax

Declaring and initialising variables
Declaring and using arrays
Upcasting, downcasting and autoboxing

Flow control

Invoking methods and passing parameters
Conditionals and loops
Handling exceptions with try and catch

Defining classes

Fields (instance data)
Methods (functions)
Abstract classes and interfaces
Organising classes with packages and modifiers
Composition vs. inheritance

Building the components of a Java program

Leveraging generics with the collections API
Developing new classes
Compiling and debugging

Foundations of user interfaces

Basic GUI widgets
Eventdriven programming
Benefits of a portable windowing library

Java Foundation Classes (JFC)

Creating Swing components
Adding Swing components to containers
Arranging Swing components using layout managers
Dialogs and message boxes

Event handling

Registering event handlers
Inner classes and toplevel classes

Java streams

Streams, Readers and Writers
Catching and throwing exceptions
Formatting text output

Files and directories

Reading and writing files
Creating, deleting and renaming files
Obtaining directory and file information

JDBC database access

Leveraging the JDBC API
Choosing database drivers
Connecting to a database

Improving performance with prepared statements and stored procedures

Submitting SQL statements
Retrieving and processing results

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