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Duration: 3 Days


Aspect Training’s .NET Unit Testing training class teaches experienced .NET developers how to perform unit testing in their .NET applications.

Note: This class can be taught using Visual Studio 2012, 2013, 2015 or 2017.


Attendees should have some prior understanding of web development, HTML, AJAX, and JavaScript.

Course Topics:


Justification for Testing
Value Proposition
Technical Debt
Benefit to Developers
The Role of QA

Levels of Testing

Unit Testing
Integration Testing
Systems Testing

Styles of Testing

Unit Testing Code
Test Driven Development
Behaviour Driven Development
Value Driven Development

What to Test

Understanding Side Effects
Issues You'll Face
Biggest Bang for the Buck


Running Tests During Build
Continuous Integration
Eliminating "But it works on my box"

Helpful Tools

Organizing with BDD Utilities
Introduction to Mocking Frameworks

How to Get Started

Overcome Blank Page Syndrome
Breaking Down Problems
Finding Purity
Effectively Using Interfaces

Techniques for Organizing Code

Object Oriented Principles
Identifying Dependencies
Isolating What Changes
Inversion of Control
Dependency Injection

Taking Control

Patterns to Support Composability
Techniques for Managing State
Utilities for Simplifying Tests

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