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XSLT Introduction / Intermediate

Duration: 2 Days


XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Language Transforms) enables you to transform XML data from one document type into other XML document types, and even into other formats such as HTML, XHTML, WML, and XQL.
Aspect Training’s XSLT Introduction/Intermediate training course teaches attendees everything they need to begin using XSLT in their XML projects.
XSLT is a pseudo-programming language or scripting language used to output text which has been marked up as XML for display in a web browser or other device. It is the engine which brings the interoperability of XML to life in an online environment, and can either output XML statically or on-the-fly (dynamically).


Attendance of Aspect Training’s XML Introduction/Intermediate training course or equivalent is required.

Course Topics:

XSLT Basics

eXtensible Stylesheet Language
An XSLT Stylesheet
Whitespace and xsl:text
Output Types
Elements and Attributes
Attributes and Curly Brackets


XPath in XSLT
XPath Expression
XPath Terminology
Context Node
Current Node
Context Size
Proximity Position
Location Paths
Node Test
Accessing Nodes
Abbreviated Syntax
XPath Functions
XPath Operators

Flow Control

Looping in XSLT
Sorting with XSLT
Looping and Sorting
Conditions with XSLT

XSLT Templates

Passing Parameters
Copying Nodes
Removing Content

Advanced Techniques

Working with Lists
Parsing Strings
Outputting Processing Instructions
Outputting CDATA Sections
Using JavaScript to Transform a Page

Multiple XML and XSLT Documents

Including XSLTs
Importing XSLTs
The document() Function

Tying It All Together

Workshop: Sharing data and transforming it for the Web

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